Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beard Science (Winston Brothers Book 3) by Penny Reid

Title: Beard Science (Winston Brothers Book 3)
Author: Penny Reid
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Comedy
Rating: 5 Lazy Books


Make a deal with the devil and you might get what you want, but will it be what you need? 

Jennifer Sylvester wants one thing, and that one thing is NOT to be Tennessee’s reigning Banana Cake Queen. Ever the perpetual good girl and obedient daughter, Jennifer is buckling under the weight of her social media celebrity, her mother’s ambitions, and her 

father’s puritanical mandates. Jennifer is officially desperate. 

And desperate times call for Cletus Winston.

Cletus Winston is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery covered in conundrum sauce, and now he’s in a pickle. Despite being convinced of his own omniscience, extortion by the exalted 

Banana Cake Queen of Green Valley has taken him completely by surprise. So... what’s a maniacal mastermind to do? 

Likely, the last thing you expect.

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” ― Garrison Keillor

My Lazy Thoughts:

Let me just say that Penny Reid is one of my favorite romance authors. Her books are automatic one-click for me. And I love most of her works.

The way Penny Reid writes her stories with complex yet realistic characters is simply amazing.

But enough fangirling for the author.

For the moment, anyway.

Beard Science definitely belongs to my top three Penny Reid books and my favorite Winston Brothers book to date. If I could give this book ten stars, I would. That's how great it is.

Cletus Winston is quirky and manipulative - although he keeps the "manipulative" part under wraps. Jennifer Sylvester is sheltered and underestimated by people around her most of her life. But what they don't know is that she's a keen observer.

Together, this unlikely couple fit. And how they fit!

From page one, I've rooted for the two of them - and not just their love story, but also their individual growth as characters. I relished reading Cletus open up to his family and Jennifer, and how he eventually learned to trust them fully. At the same time, I loved how Jenn learned to come out of her shell and embrace who she really was.

Simply put, Beard Science blew me away. And already I can't wait for Beau's and Billy's books!

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