Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lazy Review: Sex, Lies & Nikolai by R.J. Lewis

Title: Sex, Lies & Nikolai
Author: R.J. Lewis
Genre: Mafia Romance/ Dark Romance
Rating: 5 Lazy Books


Poverty is a bitch, and life isn’t a fairy tale.
College was never in my cards.
Jobs will never come easy to find.
There is no Prince Charming itching to rescue me.

I’m completely alone, destitute and destined to struggle until the end of my days.
Destined to be sucked into a world of debt because as much as I’m pushing away the only option that sits in front of me, it’s truly the only one I have:

Nikolai is my only hope.

Problem is, he's a dangerous Russian with a questionable past, and I find out soon enough just how far I must go to **earn** his help.

“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.” 
― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

My Lazy Thoughts:

I became an instant fan of R.J. Lewis when I read Borden. And I've been reading her books since.

So when she posted on Facebook that Sex, Lies & Nikolai was already live on Amazon, I 1-clicked right away!

As always, R.J. didn't disappoint. Nikolai is now one of my book boyfriends. I love how he was so protective of Alina, even when she was pushing him away.

I was a little irritated with Alina's behavior toward him when their "arrangement" started, but I slowly understood where she was coming from. She was doing everything to protect and care for her little sister, despite the hand that they've been dealt with. It was always been her and Scarlett - what with the kind of mother they had - so it was hard for her to trust people and let them into their lives.

But little by little, Nikolai managed to get through those walls Alina surrounded herself. And it was beautiful.

R.J. mentioned that this novel was somewhat based in real life, and the characters were inspired by real people. For me, it made the book extra special and somehow relatable.

Thank you for giving us this gem, Ms. Lewis!

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