Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Lazy Reader: Sunday Currently 01

This is the first time I'm doing The Sunday Currently post. I've been reading it from other bloggers so I thought, what the heck, I'm gonna join in the fun, too!

So here we go:


Nothing at the moment. I just finished reading Freed (Bad Boy Hitman Romance) by Terry Towers a couple hours ago (So good!).

I'll be reviewing it soon. Maybe in a week or two. I still have two or three books pending for a review. So it will have to wait in line.


Well, let's see...

- A client's blog post that was supposed to be finished yesterday (Totally slipped my mind!)
- A scene for a client's novel (Yes, I ghostwrite novels. Been doing it for years actually)
- Scenes for my own novels that I've been procrastinating for months (Blaming it on my laziness!)


To the sounds coming from the TV. It's basically my background "music" when I'm working. Other people who work from home probably find it a distraction, but not me. I practically welcome it.


Philosophical at the moment. It happens a lot, actually. Right now, I'm thinking of existentialism and stuff. Wondering what my life's true purpose is.


I'm just thinking what's for dinner: meat or veggies???


My dog. He needs to bathe. Like right now.


For world peace (who doesn't?)


To lose a couple pounds. Gotta add "Exercise for an hour" on my never ending daily to-do list.


Is that a burger I'm smelling???


My super comfy house dress a.k.a. my work clothes.

What can I say? Such is the life of a work-from-home freelancer.


Life. :-)


To get my hands on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I wonder if it's already available in National Bookstore.


A new battery for my phone. The one I have is already acting up.


Restless. My to-do list is filled down to the bottom page. And I'm only halfway done.
Which reminds me.... Time to get back to being busy, busy, busy.

Til the next Sunday Currently installment!

*** This was inspired by Siddathornton's Sunday Currently posts ***

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